Create a well-rounded investment portfolio by incorporating $GMN,
a groundbreaking multi-currency rewards token
developed on Bitcoin.

React Logo
React Logo

7% buy | 7% sell tax
to reward our holders

50% of the total amount of will go directly into the Contribution pool
25% added to liquidity
15% added to Airdrop Pool and will be claimed by holders of
and users who particapte in social tasks
10% Held in a Smart contract vested at 1% every month.

Total supply: 420,000,000,000

Please note Liquidity will be locked untill NOS is live and we migrate to it.

  1. $GMN presale Launch
    Migration to NOS L2
    DAO Creation
    Smelter Launch
    CEX Listings

  2. DAO governance vote on next token to mine
    Project X Development starts

  3. More to come